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Karuna Club is a safe space for young professionals of every creed. What if you continually experienced psychological safety, self-awareness, conscious decision-making, and total career wellbeing?

Our team of career advisers and specialists is here for you.

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To be continued

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Every professional deserves

psychological safety and wellbeing in their career. It's our mission to make it accessible to all.

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Karuna Club

The Story

Fatoumata Fall


Negotiation Advisor

Career Healer

Forbes 30 Under 30

When I was a sophomore at Harvard College studying Applied Maths, I had a realization: I am in love with humanity! But I didn't feel that I understood people or myself. Nor did I feel that my spiritual self was welcomed there. It didn't help that I felt completely lost, like I was a round hole among the square pegs. I didn't know it then, but this was a sure sign of clinical depression and anxiety!

Later, I learnt that my experience isn't unique. The World Bank estimates that 100 million Africans suffer from clinical depression. In low-income countries like Senegal, as much as 85% of the population suffers from mental illness without receiving support.

Luckily, I hadangel friends who showed me understanding and compassion. Someone even stirred me towards Social Entrepreneurship 159, an i-lab class about innovating and changing the world. That class won my undivided attention and bright eyes!

10 years later, I have been around the world and played the jack of all trades, literally: Teacher (K-12 and college), Consultant, Product Designer, Cofounder of startups, Manager, Floater, Business Analyst, Data Scientist, Career Coach, Negotiation Advisor, you name it...

I am now experiencing a weird moment: a time of personal truth. A time when I long for deeply reflecting on my journey so far, for distilling the lessons and the gems, and for sharing them with the world. This is why I decided to open Karuna Club, a global non-profit for the mental health of Africans. This latest, wildest idea that Fatou the Explorer received.

In Sanskrit, Karuna means Compassion. This is the most special gem that I received from interacting with thousands of people during my unconventional career. I want to share it with you. If you are willing... Welcome!

Mentor's Insight

Gabriela Terminielli

Director; AR Stock Exchange;

Women Corporate Directors

“You have to meet Fatou! My friend Luciana Resnik had a good eye and I trusted her judgment a lot. So I arranged to meet with Fatou, of whom I had no information other than her name. We met for coffee in Palermo, Buenos Aires, in front of the Church of Guadalupe.

It was a sunny morning and I arrived early at the café. A few minutes later I see a young woman enter with one of those impressive smiles and you can't help but respond with another smile. Isaw a woman with violet braids, tall, determined and kind.

Not many minutes passed between the usual greetings and the chat in which we already felt very comfortable, like two friends who had a lot in common. To make a long story short, this young woman from Senegal who was working for technology companies in Argentina was interested in my MBA thesis on the relationship between happiness and productivity at work. After our meeting, she read it,gave me feedback like no one had ever given me before., and shortly after, we were giving workshops in various companies, establishing a professional bond and friendship like few times in my almost 60 years of life.

Fatou is direct, intelligent in her assessments, focused, and her feedback always brings value. Fatou thinks a lot and then speaks. That's a great virtue of hers. In the course of our partnership, Fatou contributed her methodology: she knew how to put together the structure so that the workshop was orderly and productive. I want to dedicate a separate paragraph to her charisma with people. Everyone loved Fatou as soon as she entered the room.

When Fatou left Argentina, I felt it very much. However, we are still connected, and I have no doubt that soon some project will unite us again. I hope that happens soon!”

Shoutout Wall

See what people felt about the KC experience!

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We are here to help and support you if you are experiencing these situations and you want a holistic solution:

Paralysis or stress from asking or negotiating

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Fatigue or depression from a burnout

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Confusion about an unexpected change or opportunity at work

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Anguish or rumination over failure or feeling stuck

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Resentment from a team crisis or a looming resignation

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Psychological safety & Awareness

We want to be present with you, emotionally & consciously, to untangle the drama and produce clarity & effective action.

Face-to-Face Chat

Online chat & mentoring (1 hour)

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When you just need to talk it out and for someone to listen and offer unbiased questions and insights.

Written Feedback

On a communication

Writing Self Care Elements

When you need someone to look at that email, job description, negotiation script, etc. and comment.

The Debacle

In-depth analysis of a major career event(s)

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...and how they shaped the professional you are today. However long it takes, you will walk out lighter, with clarity.

Group Session

4 people max (1 hour)

Friends Video Call

When you want to explore a specific topic with your buddies and you want a professional to guide and moderate the discussion.

Approach & Tools

Our go-to approach is NVC... Plus, a couple of in-house tools.


Non Violent Commnication

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Four Levels

Levels 1 to 4

Triangular Pyramid with Four Layers


Situational awareness

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Well-being is non-judgmental. It is about needs being met and feelings being heard and taken care of. Learn More

Situations tend to have various layers. L1: Needs , L2: Beliefs, L3: feelings , and at the surface, L4: action or inaction.

Drama dissipates when we see our reality today without judgment and the smaller goal we want to achieve today.

Belief Maps

Spectrum of belief and vibe

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Beliefs are powerful drivers of behaviour. In this world, binary is dangerous, and a spectrum is good.


These meeting spaces +resources +mentorship are inclusive of all. You are invited. Join, be supported, and be of service.

Sunday's "Ask honestly"

Reflection Space on Zoom

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This May 22

Tuesday's "Recovery"

Reflection Space on Zoom

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Coming Soon

Wednesday's "A step forward" Reflection Space on Zoom

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Coming Soon

Thursday's "I let go & I did it"

Storytime on Twitter Live

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Coming Soon

Monday & Friday Office Hours on Twitter Live

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This May 18

To receive your invitation, email: hello@karuna.club. Meetings are shared privately for security. We'll respond within 24hs. If it is urgent, send a Whatsapp text from the contact info below.


TKC is committed to accessibility. KC aspires to be a self-sustaining Non-profit so that the activity may always go on, protected from the will of big egos and impure agendas.

Virtual Chat (1 hour, 1:1) *includes direct feedback

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Direct Feedback (Per request)

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The Debacle (one morning, afternoon, or evening, 1:1)

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Group Session (1 hour; up to 4 pax)

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Monthly Membership (4 checkins, 1:1, Q&A, and Library included)

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Financial Aid is available. You can request this in the signup form.

Evaluating a cofounder offer

Specialist Services

1:1 Negotiation support to receive a promotion

Evaluating a startup offer

Subject to availability of domain experts. Let us know by filling the "book a consult" form.

1:1 Negotiation support to receive a certain % increase

Benchmark compensation ask

If you want help with just what-to-do, notice KC is an emotion-based solution, but we are present to the extent possible.*

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Become a KC Sponsor

For $2,500 USD, we offer two talks and perks:

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Negotiation 101

Up to 100 pax (online)

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This can be a workshop, a talk, or a podcast. Happy to shareexpertise from ~500 past negotiations.

Burnout Prevention

Up to 100 pax (online)

Female character standing with heap working documents

This can be a workshop, a talk, or a podcast. Happy to shareexpertise from supporting +1000 professionals.

KC Raffle Wins

Two memberships up for grabs

Hand Drawn Friends Meeting

Plus free worksheets. Winners will be contacted after the workshop, based on the poll.

Free Edu Workshop

Sponsored by KC and you

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We bring office hours andcareer stories and lessons to an education org of your choice, for free. Adapted to age & context.

If for some reason, you are willing to make a contribution for the KC support with terms that are different from those stipulated above, fill the "book consult" form and let us know.

Contact Information

Mailing Address

9450 SW Gemini Dr #77816,Beaverton, Oregon, 97008-7105

Email Address


Whatsapp Number

+1 (424) 542-3438 (for urgent stuff)